Muay Thai Kick Boxing Buddha Professional Competition Blue Leather Boxing Gloves

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Are you looking for your Rope Boxing Gloves?

T he New Premium Boxing Gloves are one of the most requested references of the season due to their quality and low price.

  • Specially designed for the practice of Boxing, Muay Thai and Kick boxing and its Professional competition.
  • Made of Premium Cowhide Leather: improving its durability and easy to clean.
  • GS-3 interior filling, intelligent impact protection paddings. Helps reduce injuries.
  • Rope closure system, improving grip on the wrists and a perfect fit for your training.

You'll like the little details these gloves are built with. Not only are they attractive in design and price, but they also work extremely well, being one of the most successful Boxing Gloves this season.

The triple density foam in GS-3 provides excellent protection and softness to help you prevent hand injuries during training.

In addition, the leather with which they are made provides more durability and is easy to keep clean. And to top it off... they are hand-sewn with great precision so each glove is unique!

Specifically built to fit the natural curvature of your hand and give you a good grip while punching. They also include perforations in the palm to improve ventilation in your hands.

The best value for money

The Premium Gloves are currently some of the best gloves on the market in their range, comparing quality, design and, above all, their price in Leather. Choose your favorite Onza and we guarantee that it will fit you “like a glove”.

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