Muay Thai Kick Boxing Legend Black Leather Boxing Gloves

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A New Generation of Boxing Gloves Arrives

Boxing Gloves, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing Legend is a new generation of Gloves, times change and new technologies are beginning to be applied.

-It all starts by selecting the leather, in this case it is top quality cowhide, selected one by one and meticulously manufactured by hand.

-The shape of the Glove is more ergonomic, gripping the hand in a unique way, with a one-piece grip and using 4 layers of padding, 2 of them smart latex, increasing its durability and improving its feel when hitting.

-New support, adding double velcro on the wrist, reducing injuries and creating a more natural hand position.

  • Specially designed for the practice of Boxing, Muay Thai and Kick boxing.
  • Made of high quality Cowhide
  • GS-4 interior filling, intelligent impact protection paddings. Helps reduce injuries.
  • Color Black
  • Design and embroidered label

You'll like the little details these gloves are built with. Not only are they attractive in design and price, but they also work extremely well, being one of the most successful Boxing Gloves this season.

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