Paos Thailand Leather Buddha Professionals Black Turquoise (Pair)

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Do you need some High Quality Thai Cloths?

We know the importance of good Paos, to be able to better train competitors or their daily use in classes, that is why Buddha presents the new Thailand Paos in Leather.

We have more than 15 years of experience and after long conversations with our sponsored trainers and our Thai factory, we have designed a new pad, with a better shape, less weight and two wide velcros for a better grip.

Painstakingly manufactured by expert masters and hand-sewn, taking care of each of its details.

If you are looking for high quality Thai Paos, these are yours. Price 2 Units.

✅ Made of Premium Genuine Leather.

✅ Hand sewn in one of the world's best factories in Thailand.

✅ High Quality Velcro Grip

✅ Available in two sizes. The M (-75 Kgs) and the L (+75 Kgs)

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