Buddha Thailand Amateur Competition Bib Overalls Red

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Do you need a comfortable Competition Bib?

Buddha Fight Wear presents the new Buddha Thailand Amateur Competition Breastplate , designed for competitors who need to be comfortable in training or in a ring.

After many years of experience and analyzing this reference with our Thai manufacturer, we have worked on two fundamental aspects for the competitor:

1.- This bib is very comfortable, does not weigh you down and has fine protection. With it you will feel liberated and without the burden of the bib when you are competing.

2.- In the upper central part an opening, so that when throwing fists or elbows you do not notice pressure and do not lose strength on impact. In the lower central part, we have made an opening, so that when throwing a kick or a knee it does not bother you and you can feel freer when hitting.

Specially designed for Muay Thai, Kick Light, Boxing or any contact sport , which needs a Competition Breastplate for all types of training and amateur competition, which you can enjoy its high quality.

✅ Made of Premium MicroFiber.

✅ Hand sewn in one of the world's best factories in Thailand.

✅ High Quality Velcro Grip

✅ Available in three sizes (M, L and XL)

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